M1 MacBook Pro Is Faster Than a 2019 iMac Pro With Vega 56 GPU, 128GB RAM in Final Cut Pro X Video Exporting Tests

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M1 MacBook Pro Is Faster Than 2019 iMac Pro With Vega 56 GPU in Final Cut Pro X Video Exporting Tests

Apple’s M1 Mac models have finally started reaching customers, and they didn’t waste any time carrying out several benchmarks on them. The M1 MacBook Pro, in particular, looks to be one impressive machine, obtaining impressive scores in Cinebench R23 and beating the 2019 iMac Pro in two video export tests while running Final Cut Pro X. Bear in mind that the iMac Pro features an Intel Xeon workstation CPU, coupled with 128GB RAM and an AMD Radeon Vega 56 GPU. Here is a closer look at the results.

M1 MacBook Pro Beats the 2019 iMac Pro When Exporting H.264 and H.265 Video Clips

A photographer from Australia tested the M1 MacBook Pro against the 2019 iMac Pro and posted the entire performance comparison results on Weibo. MacRumors forums members were astonished by the results, considering that the M1 MacBook Pro only features 8GB of unified RAM. Coming to the Final Cut Pro X results, given below is how long both machines took to export a single H.264 Sony 10-bit clip.

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M1 MacBook Pro

  • 10 minutes and 20 seconds

2019 iMac Pro

  • 11 minutes and 30 seconds

If that wasn’t impressive, then you’ll be shocked to know that the M1 MacBook Pro also beats the 2019 iMac Pro when exporting an H.265 Canon 10-bit clip recorded at 100FPS. The iMac Pro completed the video export in 80 seconds, but it only took the M1 MacBook Pro 45 seconds to finish the same test. That’s some horsepower Apple’s 5nm M1 chip delivers.

The 8-core GPU of the M1 silicon can also hold its own, despite being an integrated graphics solution than a dedicated one. It beats the GTX 1050 Ti and the RX 560 in a series of graphics-based tests in GFXBench 5.0. In previously leaked compute performance results, the M1 MacBook Air was faster than the 2019 iMac Pro in single-core tests and was only 8.5 percent slower in the multi-core run.

We’ll likely see more tests like these and spot where the M1 chip shines and where it stumbles, so we’ll keep you updated on those. As for what you can see right now, are you impressed yet?

News Source: MacRumors forums

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