M1 Mac Models Can Support up to Six External Monitors, Provided You Have Compatible Adapters With You

Omar Sohail
M1 Mac Models Can Support up to Six External Monitors, Provided You Have Compatible Adapters With You

With Thunderbolt 3 ports present on all three M1 Mac models, users can still experience a ton of throughput, with the exception of connecting external GPUs that is. While Apple claims that users can connect a single monitor up to a resolution of 6K at 60Hz, one YouTuber has found a way to connect up to six external displays. Yes, that’s correct; six external monitors on these M1 Mac models.

YouTuber Says Users Will Have to Hook up a Mix of Monitors With Varying Resolutions and Refresh Rates on M1 Mac Models Due to Lack of Bandwidth

Ruslan Tulupov discovered that it’s possible to hook up to six external monitors on the M1 Mac mini, and five on the M1 MacBook Pro and M1 MacBook Air, but it will involve the use of DisplayLink adapters. When the M1 Mac's display ports have been used, DisplayPort adapters need to be connected via an external dock to provide more ports for the additional monitors. However, users will need to be careful about running those monitors at higher resolutions because sooner or later, you’ll run out of bandwidth from the Thunderbolt 3 and remaining ports.

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Tulupov showed that he needed to use a mix of display resolutions when maximizing screen real estate when connected to the M1 Mac models. Just like Tulupov, users who want to extend their workspace thoroughly will need to be careful as well, and they’ll need to purchase third-party DisplayLink adapters too. As for the experience, the YouTuber claims that when the monitors were running at their maximum resolutions, and he was doing some taxing work such as rendering using Final Cut Pro, he was more than satisfied with the results.

He mentioned a few dropped frames, but nothing that hampered the overall experience. These kinds of setups are generally overkill for most users who currently own any M1 Mac, but if you need screen real estate like this, the option is available. If you want to check out how Tulupov made this possible, the video is given below. Also, let us know down in the comments if you’d want to own a setup like this.

News Source: Ruslan Tulupov

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