LG Introduces the 34WP550-B Monitor: Perfect for a Home Office!

Evan Federowicz
Source: LG

LG has introduced a new monitor to its productivity monitor lineup. This addition is called 34WP550-B monitor is an ultrawide monitor with a slightly above average refresh rate compared to most office monitors. This monitor is expected to feature a price of $299 and be a possible replacement for a dual monitor setup.

The 32WP550-B Monitor may be a perfect option for your home office, with both its large screen size and a high refresh rate!

This monitor offers the ability to replace a dual monitor setup in an office environment or casually play games during breaks or slow moments at work. This ability to shift between productivity and relaxation makes this monitor an ideal choice for a home office.

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Source: LG

This monitor features a resolution of 2,560 x 1080, which allows for a large screen space for icons and spreadsheets; this monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio which further compliments the resolution. This resolution paired with the 34" screen size allows for this monitor to easily take the place of a dual monitor setup.

The 34WP550-B monitor offers a black color scheme that can blend into nearly any desk or cubicle setup. It offers a refresh rate of 75 Hz and offers support for FreeSync, which is a bit lackluster for high-action gamers. However, for casual gamers, the 75 Hz refresh rate still offers an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

This screen offers 95% coverage of the sRGB color gamut, the typical IPS viewing angles of 178º, and a quoted brightness of 250cd / ㎡. At the same time, these technical specifications are perfect for a home office but aren't ideal for a photo/video editor. This monitor also offers Blue Light reduction mode and Flicker safe, which suppresses the blue light reducing any possible eye strain during long work hours. The included stand feature an ergonomic design; this design allows for both height adjustment and tilt adjustment.

The 34WP550-B monitor isn't currently available but is expected to be available for $299, making it less likely for a gaming setup. This price tag is a bit high for the lack of gaming features and may lead gamers to look at different monitors for their next gaming setup!

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