LG G7 Could Allow a More Convenient Way of Unlocking it Through an Advanced Iris Scanner


After looking at the improvements the V30 came with in comparison to the G6, we are actually getting excited about the upcoming LG G7. Rumor has it that the flagship is going to be unveiled during the same period as the Galaxy S8 and it has been reported to come with an advanced iris scanner.

Iris Scanner Will Operate as Such That It Will Prevent Unauthorized Access on the LG G7, Even With a Static Image Used to Unlock the Galaxy S8

According to a patent that caught the attention of LetsGoDigital, the LG G7 could be shipped with an iris scanner with increased capabilities and we believe that it could outpace the prowess of the scanner present in the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

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Patent details of the iris scanner details that the LG G7 could feature a new approach to opening the display. The problem with an iris scanner is that you can only use it when there is sufficient light otherwise the sensors will not be able to see your eyes and unlock the device. With this improved iris scanner, the user could be able to unlock his/her device using varied levels of lightning in the surroundings.

Also, another very interesting approach to this is that the user could trace the dots on their screen with nothing but their eyes. In this way, the tracker will not be fooled into thinking that it is actually you when there is actually a static image of you staring at the phone.

If an iris scanner is something that we’ll be getting, we are hopeful that we will end up receiving a facial recognition system too. Both of them go hand in hand and since the LG G7 is said to come with a better design, better security features should be part of the mix too yes?

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News Source: LetsGoDigital