Enjoy Android Wear with LG G Watch on a 25% Discount!

Rafia Shaikh

This post title needed a few good exclamation marks but since everyone hates them, I'd sober up. Okay, so Google launched its flatter, flatterer Android Wear at this year's Google I/O conference with three smartwatches already in the line-up. With the launch, Samsung's Gear Live and LG's G Watch went up on pre-orders on the same day. While we definitely are being partial to Moto 360 because of its looks, we are hearing it might come for as high as $450. Definitely too much. Which brings us to the awesome deal that is being offered on LG G Watch which can help you get a freaking awesome smartwatch for below $200!lg g watch deal

Awesometastic LG G Watch deal:

AT&T is offering this amazing deal on its accessories section which lets you get a 25% discount off your entire cart when you buy at least three accessories. While three accessories may sound too much of a hassle, trust us, it is so not. You can get some pretty small items like a new phone case or something for as low as $5 while also being eligible for the three accessories deal.

This trick and an amazing LG G Watch deal by AT&T can save you some good $57 on your smartwatch. To top it off, AT&T is offering free shipping too. Simply add LG G Watch deal in your cart and add some other two small accessories that you may need in the future (a charger perhaps) and ta da! You do not need to be on AT&T services or anything. This is a simple purchasing deal from AT&T online store.

Enjoy the new LG G Watch and Android Wear and don't forget to let us know if you like the new watch and the new OS. While you do that, I will go and try to save for the Moto 360, because, circular design is always deliciously fancier.

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