Motorola’s Android Wear Moto 360 Sleek Smartwatch – Best Contemporary Design Yet?

While everyone was whining over how Motorola couldn't up its game after its Lenovo acquisition, the designers and developers at Moto seemed to have been contemplating on taking over the smart-wear world. Motorola has just announced its first ever Android Wear powered Moto 360 smartwatch. The best thing? It actually looks like a normal watch and yet carries all the tech goodness!android wear moto 360

Motorola's venturing into smartwear:

Interwebs are being inundated with the new hardware images of Motorola's sleek Android Wear. Going to be available in Summer, Moto 360 looks like a modern smartwatch rather than those gadgety-looking smartwatches giving us robotic wear moto 360

Motorola was sold to Lenovo after Google kept it for only three years, and that too for some $10 billion less! With this latest news, Motorola has proved that it is going to stay in smart mobile market with some added zing.

Android Wear Moto 360 looks simply a digitized version of a contemporary wristwatch. Moto 360 carries all the power of Android Wear and will be reportedly available in a plethora of styles. While detailed specs are not known yet, Motorola is having a press hangout tomorrow to address questions and let public know more about this beautifully designed smartwatch. android wear moto 360

Android Wear Moto 360 perhaps looks beautiful because Motorola has chosen to take a path of almost no software enhancements and thus focusing more on design dynamics - much needed! The smartwatch definitely looks amazing and give a vibe of a designer wristwatch that happens to be digitized and powered with all-things-tech. android wear moto 360

Motorola's latest venture is designed in round bezel rather than the almost ubiquitous - and irritating, if I may dare to say - square, brick-shaped smartwatches launched so far. The Moto 360 is made of premium materials, however, it does give the looks of metal. Motorola's Moto 360 will be offered with swappable wristbands and could offer both metal and leather options for the wear moto 360

This year, Apple is also expected to launch its highly-anticipated and long awaited smartwatch, titles iWatch. While not much is known about Apple's iWatch, Moto 360 could give it some hard time in terms of design wear moto 360

Android-wear powered Moto 360:

- The Google+ hangout session will be held tomorrow with the lead designer Jim Wicks at 2PM EST. While we don't expect specs and pricing details, designer is expected to go in the details of the design of Moto 360.

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