Learn How To Replace Start Screen With Start Menu In Windows 10 After You Log In

Microsoft demonstrated  Windows 10 three days back to developers at a conference in San Francisco. The Technical Preview that Microsoft shared contained several changes that were highly expected to feature in the next Windows. It was highly expected that Windows 10 would see the return of the taskbar, updated with Start Screen icons.

Windows 10 will also be an integrated platform, meaning that Microsoft hopes to create a single, unified OS for all of your devices. After it's preview, a Technical Preview of Windows 10 was also made available to the public by Redmond. To learn how to to download and install Windows 10 on your machine, click here. This tutorial is for those of you who have installed a copy of the Technical Preview on your system and want to get the Start Menu back.

How-to-Get-the-Start-Menu-Back-in-Windows-10-1-620x348Get Start Menu On Windows 10 In A Couple Of Easy To Follow Steps.

The image above shows the Start Screen loading when you boot on Windows 10. The Start Screen on Windows 10 is upgraded and comes with a changed interface. However, to disable the feature you're going to have to right click on your taskbar.

How-to-Get-the-Start-Menu-Back-in-Windows-10-3-620x348The sub-menu that opens up is similar to the one you can find on Windows 8.1. After right-clicking on the taskbar, click on properties to open up settings to manage the taskbar and start menu.

How-to-Get-the-Start-Menu-Back-in-Windows-10-5-620x348Click on Start Menu and a new pane of Settings will open up. The settings here won't be the same as you can find in Windows 8.1, as there's a new option on top. Click on 'Use Start Menu instead of the Start Screen' and hit apply.

How-to-Get-the-Start-Menu-Back-in-Windows-10-7-620x348You will now be asked to save any work you have open on Windows 10 and then sign out. Since this is a Technical Preview so at this point you should be expecting such requirements. So save your work, sign out and sign back in.

And voila! You can now see Microsoft's upgraded Start Menu on Windows 10 with Metro icons on one side. Let us know how you feel about the changes in Start Menu and other features in Windows 10. We'll keep you updated on more tutorials.




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