Just How Different Should Samsung Think With The Galaxy S6? A Complete Redesign On The Cards?

Ramish Zafar

With the Android world becoming increasingly competitive as more and more manufacturers enter the smartphone race, differentiation is a feature that established companies are reportedly looking for in their devices. After Samsung choosing to curve one side of its Galaxy Note 4 in the Galaxy Note Edge and its Korean counterpart LG openly announcing the need to shake things up and displaying a curved screen display panel subsequently, the question still remains that how different will manufacturers actually be able to make their devices? The rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge end up adding further fuel to this fire, and one artist shows us how much different can the Samsung Galaxy S6 go were Samsung to adhere to this new policy.

fad0edef67fa0e55ec38da7068d7c85d Concept Render Shows Vastly Redesigned Samsung Galaxy S6.

Today's concept renders, courtesy of Behance, show an artist's take on the Samsung Galaxy S6. As you can see in the image above, ultra-slim bezels, rounded off edges and an overall slim design would transform the Samsung Galaxy S6 into a completely new handset.

c5b6092b02761b25f24a9fc9436e009eAdd the rumors of a dual curved screen to the mix and Samsung could very well have a winner on its hands. A drastic re-design is something that might end up turning the Korean manufacturer's fortune the other way around. Samsung has seen its revenues and market popularity fall over the last year. This is owed partially towards Chinese manufacturers entering the mix with cheaper yet well designed devices (Read: Xiaomi).

306f6c781a3a777306f3b5e7aa8476faA decline in market share and overall share price led to the Korean manufacturer shift towards metal as the material of choice for its devices, with the launch of the Galaxy Alpha series and the Galaxy Note 4 with its aluminum share. So having taken baby steps towards changing the mix for its devices, will Samsung take the complete plunge and completely re-redesign the Samsung Galaxy S6? Doesn't seem all that likely but by the rate things progress, you can never say for sure. We'll have to wait some more to find out. Stay tuned for more. And take a look below at all the concept images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 re-designed.


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