The Samsung Galaxy S6 Appears In A Tutorial Video? Take A Look Here

Ramish Zafar

With things picking up the pace over at CES, leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S6 have also started to speed up. While there has been no official word from the manufacturer about the fate of its next flagship at CES, one can still hope and it is in this hope that we bring to you what might be another potential spotting of the Samsung Galaxy S6. What seems to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 has appeared in a video (spotted by folks over at Phonearena) from the Korean giant's official blog. The device in the video strongly resembles images that claimed to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 which appeared earlier.

Device Strongly Resembling The Samsung Galaxy S6 Appears In Manufacturer's Official Video.

While nothing can be said for sure about whether the device is actually the Samsung Galaxy S6 appearing in its full glory for the first time yet there are several features that do resemble what is being expected of the Samsung Galaxy S6 so far. The first thing that you'll end up noticing are the remarkably thing bezels, which resemble the images claiming to be the Samsung Galaxy S6 earlier.

Another thing that might strike interest is that the device in the video above does appear to have its frame manufactured from some metal. Samsung has been rumored for some time to be switching gears on its mobile lineup and finally making the shift to metal for its devices, something that made an appearance with the Galaxy Alpha series. And the Samsung Galaxy S6 is also expected to get an aluminum frame with pictures of the metal frame already having surfaced. So do you think the device above is the Samsung Galaxy S6? Let us know what you think in the comments section. We'll keep you updated.

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