The Samsung Galaxy S6 To Have Dual-Edged Screen And Will Come In Q2 Claim Sources

Ramish Zafar

More word has surfaced about Samsung's next flaghship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 today, this time courtesy of the Italians. The Italian tech blog has allegedly received some new news about the Samsung Galaxy S6 from 'inside sources' and these sources have some rather interesting and fresh information for us when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

id397141Samsung Galaxy S6 To Have Display Curved On Both Sides And An Aluminum Frame.

The italian blog, that quotes 'reliable sources' for its information, has some information that pegs out the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be quite remarkable device indeed. According to the Italians, not only will the Samsung Galaxy S6 have a dual edged display, but the chassis of the device will also be manufactured entirely out of aluminum.

Public reception on Samsung's metal clad Galaxy Alpha devices was quite positive indeed and its very plausible indeed that the manufacturer could be choosing a premium metal build for its flagship device. After all, metal is the top choice in materials when it comes to flagship smartphones and phablets these days. The curved display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 will also be different from that found on the Galaxy Note Edge.

Allegedly, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be featuring a dual-curved display, or a display that is curved on both ends of the screen. The sloping of the display won't be that extreme, in order to facilitate easier holding of the device. Samsung won't be launching two variants of the Galaxy S6 either - there will only be one curved variant of the device. And as far as the launch date of the device goes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be coming in the second quarter of next - contrary to reports of a CES launch earlier.

All of this is a bit too much to digest on the first go. While it is all very plausible for Samsung to chose metal for its next flagship, the dual-curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 sounds to be a bit too much. Will the Korean manufacturer be able to pull it off? We'll find out soon enough anyways. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.

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