Latest Apple Ads Show How Good the iPhone 13’s Battery Life and Durability Really Is


Apple launched the new iPhone 13 models in the last quarter of 2021 and the devices have been received pretty well. While the new 120Hz refresh rate displays were a major addition, we are still glad that Apple increased the size of the battery on all variants. Apple is never shy of showing off its latest and greatest flagships. The company has released new ads highlighting how durable and long-lasting the iPhone 13 models are when it comes to battery life. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple Releases Two New Ads Highlighting the Battery Life and Durability of the New iPhone 13

As mentioned earlier, Apple has shared two new ads which it highlights the battery life and the durability of the iPhone 13 models. One of Apple's ads is titled "Run Baby Run" in which a toddler can be seen holding the iPhone 13 running around the house. The toddler drops the iPhone 13, bangs it against various items in the house, drops it in the sink but the iPhone survives every impact like a champ. The video ends with a tagline that reads: "Toddler resistant. Relax, it's ‌iPhone‌."

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The second video highlights the battery life of the iPhone 13. Personally, my iPhone 13 Pro Max easily lasts me two to three days without the need to charge. On the other hand, my iPhone 13 mini easily gets me through the day as my daily driver which I use for work, playing videos on YouTube, chatting with family/friends and casual gaming, Henceforth, Apple is not lying when it comes to battery life.

The second video is titled "Doin' Laps" which shows a child on his bike doing laps around the cul-de-sac recording video of himself through the iPhone 13's front-facing camera. He cruises through the day passing through people for five hours while recording the video. Apple ends the video with a tagline that reads:  "What will you do with even looooooonger battery life? Relax, it's ‌iPhone‌."

Apple makes one of the best ads which are quite visually appealing. The ads serve their purpose highlighting one or some of the features of the iPhone. We will share more details on the subject as soon as further information is available.

What are your views on Apple's latest ad for the iPhone 13 promoting durability and battery life? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.