iPhone 13 Pro Dethrones Nokia 3310 In Terms of Durability in Ultimate Drop Test – Video


Apple's iPhone 13 series have been out in wild for a month now and users are sharing positive reviews. While the overall look and feel of the device are pretty much the same as last year's iPhone 12 models, we still have to see if Apple has added to the durability of the device. To test the durability, an ultimate drop test of the iPhone 13 Pro has been conducted against the mighty Nokia 3310. Check out how the iPhone compares against a phone which is famous for its durability attributes.

iPhone 13 Pro Beats the Iconic Nokia 3310 in Ultimate Drop Test

Nokia 3310 is an old phone which was greatly known for its durability. We have seen on several occasions where the phone would just survive the harshest of conditions. Now, the Nokia 3310 is competing against the latest iPhone 13 Pro in an ultimate drop test. The durability test is conducted by the YouTube channel TechRax where the two smartphones will be dropped from a spiral 20 stories staircase.

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The venue of the iPhone 13 Pro and Nokia 3310 drop test appears to show steel railings going along the stairs. We all have a clear winner in our heads but the results are surprising. The body of the Nokia 3310 is made up of plastic while the iPhone 13 Pro features a stainless steel band sandwiched in Ceramic Sheild glass. As can be seen in the video shared below, the Nokia 3310 dropped from the top of the staircase and it landed with a huge blow. The iPhone 13 Pro was then dropped and it hit the stairs on several occasions in the first drop.

iPhone 13 Pro Drop Test Beats Nokia 3310

The result of the first drop is pretty surprising as the iPhone 13 Pro survived the drop test. Take note that the back glass was shattered but it is in perfect working condition. On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 blew into pieces and the plastic body parts can be seen scattered across the floor. However, the good thing is that the Nokia 3310 could be assembled like lego pieces.

The remaining part of the drop test focused on dropping the iPhone 13 Pro several times from the staircase. The results are surprising as the device is assembled pretty well and it remained in working condition. No matter how strong the glass is, it is always prone to break. You can check out the video embedded above for more details on the drop test against the highly-hyped Nokia 3310. Apple's latest flagship also performed pretty well in the earlier drop tests.

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