Kingdom Come Deliverance PS4 & XB1 Texture Popping Is Being Actively Worked On, Warhorse Q&A Tester Reassures


Quality Assurance tester at Warhorse Studios, Jan Rucker, has taken to Twitter to reassure console players that the team is actively working to fix the apparent Kingdom Come Deliverance PS4 and Xbox One texture popping.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of this year’s most popular titles across PC and consoles, but it does suffer from some apparent bugs and glitches across all platforms. One of them is the game’s performance on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including texture pop-ins. Developer Warhorse was asked whether this issue would be addressed, after which the developer’s Q&A tester pointed out this isn’t that easy to fix but that the team is looking for a solution.

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“Okay, I guess this needs some response from me”, Rucker wrote on Twitter. “I needed to know which platform for obvious reasons. All I can say that these pop-ins are troubling us as much they trouble you. But still, it´s very complicated thing on which we are working on and actively trying to fix.”

He continued, “I understand your concerns, believe me, we want to have the best game as much as you want it. Yet there is a limited amount of time for everything, for fixing and responding alike 🙂 So yes, sometimes it takes some time, but that doesn´t mean we don´t care.”

In a follow up tweet, the Quality Assurance tester again pointed out that there isn’t an easy solution to fix the issue.

“There is many ideas how to limit player which we lead to less visible pop-ins. But the question after that is, do you want to limit the player? I wish it was easy as it sounds :)”

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Let’s hope that Warhorse finds a solution for the game’s performance on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon. As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.

Kingdom Come Deliverance patch 1.6 was released yesterday alongside the game’s new Hardcore Mode. The RPG’s first expansion, From the Ashes, will release next month.