Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Support Inbound; Potential Sequel Would Still Use CryENGINE

Kingdome Come Deliverance 2 mod support kcd2

Kingdom Come Deliverance mod support is inbound according to Warhorse Studios’ PR manager, Tobias Stolz-Zwilling.

The title was released last year and many fans have been asking for mod support ever since. Luckily, it appears that PC players will soon be able to create their own content for the game.

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“Mod support is the last thing we are doing right now, the last thing we want to release for Kingdom Come Deliverance”, the PR manager said in a new interview with Gamepressure. “Right now, we are working on modding tools so that people can do their own stuff – Steam Workshop is already working, but only with the tools you can write your own quest, for example. We are thinking of a way out to cleverly release that. Unfortunately, consoles are out because they're not supporting this – it's not because we don't want to, but because Microsoft and Sony haven’t agreed on anything yet, so I can tell you: PC – yes, and we’ll see about the rest, I’m not sure.”

In the interview, Tobias was also asked about Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 and whether it would use the same game engine as the first game. “We're not planning to change anything – simply because we made so many tools and so many things with the engine, adjusted it”, he replied. “It was never used for any RPGs before we did it. We did so much with the engine that we are afraid that changing it would mean starting from the beginning. And if you think of how long we needed to make the engine work for KCD before we could just start to... work with it – just too long. And hope on a good cooperation with CryTech.”

Kingdom Come Deliverance is available now for PC and consoles. It was also recently added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription on both console and PC.

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