Official Kingdom Come Deliverance Modding Tools Released Alongside Modified Version of Sandbox Editor


Developer Warhorse Studios has released the official Kingdom Come Deliverance modding tools alongside its modified version of the CryEngine Sandbox editor.

Since the game’s release last year, plenty of smaller mods have been released for Kingdom Come Deliverance. Large modification projects are pretty rare for Warhorse’s medieval title, and hopefully, these official modding tools will inspire modders to create larger scale mods. These official tools allow users to create new scripts, textures, characters, stories, areas and more. To celebrate the release of the official Kingdom Come Deliverance Modding tools, Warhorse Studios has released a new video showing off the tools in action:

Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Support Inbound; Potential Sequel Would Still Use CryENGINE

Alongside the modding tools, the Czech developer has already released its modified version of the CryEngine Sandbox Editor, which comes with numerous tools and extensions for editors to experiment with.

Those interested in the tools and sandbox editor can visit the Kingdom Come Deliverance Modding Wiki on Nexusmods for descriptions of the new tools, including documentation and tutorials on how to use them.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is available globally now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.