Kingdom Come Deliverance Is the Latest Game to Get Live Action Adaptation

Alessio Palumbo
Kingdom Come Deliverance PC Patch 1.3.2

It's official: Kingdom Come Deliverance will receive a live action adaptation from Wild Sheep Content, the Los Angeles-based content production company founded by Eric Barmack. The scoop came from Variety.

Barmack was a Netflix executive for a rather long time, focusing on the production side of international IPs and franchises. He is listed as the executive producer for successful Netflix series such as 3%, Las chicas del cable, O Mecanismo, Suburra, Dark, The Rain, Sacred Games, and Quicksand. With Wild Sheep Content, Barmack seems intent on continuing to search abroad as well as across other entertainment media; he also recently signed up to adapt SEGA's Yakuza.

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Speaking to Variety, he called them amazing, non-U.S. worlds that are locally relevant, but with a regional and global popularity that streamers are looking for as they become more and more global. It’s especially interesting that video games with heavy narrative, like ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Kingdom Come Deliverance,’ are uniquely adaptable, and local but global all at once.

Kingdom Come Deliverance, as you might recall, sold over three million units to date, which prompted Czech developer Warhorse Studios to expand as they work on the next project. Of course, Warhorse will co-produce this live action adaptation in the person of CEO Martin Frývaldský, who briefly commented on the difficulties of signing up publishers for a non-fantasy RPG.

Everyone wanted some magic in games, and we were offering a game where you start out as a blacksmith’s son, can become some kind of hero, but never get to be king.

Warhorse PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling highlighted that Kingdom Come Deliverance succeeded with gamers precisely because of what it is, though.

The biggest feedback we got from the gaming community and reviewers is that this is a very believable and also very relatable story where it is easy to identify with a not so heroic hero.

It is unclear yet whether the live action adaptation of Kingdom Come Deliverance will be a feature film or a TV series. Wild Sheep Content is currently reaching out to potential directors and writers, so it may take a while before we see it on the screen, be it the small one or the big one. Meanwhile, stay tuned on Wccftech to get the latest news.

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