Kill la Kill Game from Dragon Ball FighterZ Publisher Unleashes an Action-Packed Trailer

Kill la Kill, the popular anime from Studio Trigger (Little Witch Academia), is getting a slick-looking game from Arc System Works, publishers of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the BlazBlue series. Kill la Kill the Game uses the same engine as FighterZ, so it looks really impressive, but it’s more of an arena brawler than a traditional 2D fighter. You can check out the first trailer for Kill la Kill, below.

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For those who don’t keep up with modern anime, Kill la Kill is set in a Japanese high school, which is dominated by a powerful student council who enforce their will using superpowered outfits called Goku Uniforms. This order in thrown into chaos when transfer student Ryuko Matoi shows up with a powerful sentient sailor outfit of her own that lets her fight back against the council. Basically, it's a sexed-up, super-over-the-top take on the Sailor Moon magical girl genre. Anime, everybody!

Kill la Kill the Game is being developed by Aplus Games, which previously made Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, which Wccftech’s Francesco De Meo gave a middling review to

“With its charming characters and engaging story, Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time could have been so much more. Sadly, the dungeon crawling experience is damaged by bad enemy AI, clunky controls and a terrible performance that make the experience very unpleasant. The game does have some interesting features and mechanics, as well as a well-done presentation, but they're not enough to make the game a must-have for those who aren't fans of the anime.”

Hopefully Aplus can step things up a notch with Kill la Kill! The game will make its playable debut at EVO 2018, which takes place from August 3 to August 5.

Kill la Kill the Game is coming to PC and PS4 sometime in 2019. What are your thoughts, anime fans? Are you excited for this one?

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