Blazblue Centralfiction PC Online Lobbies Compromised by Malicious Exploit

BlazBlue Centralfiction

BlazBlue Centralfiction’s rollback update is a few months in the past, and it served as a substantial update for the game after multiple years of lousy netplay. It would be the first of two BlazBlue titles to receive that, the other being BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Though, Centralfiction’s got a bit of a major issue right now.

This comes in the form of the aforementioned online play. Centralfiction allows you to join a public lobby server with others or host private Player Match rooms. That doesn’t sound out of the ordinary. What is, though, is that, through online play, players are susceptible to receiving unwanted downloads through their game client.

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The tweet above details that this exploit allows for malware that could allow your attacker to do virtually anything to your computer. This includes things such as stealing passwords, monitor your spending, and impersonate you, among other things. It disguises itself as a file already present in the game’s files, making it hard to detect initially.

There are only two real defenses against this, though. You could keep your lobbies as invite-only, for instance, only allowing invited players into the game, and secondly, you can very easily not play the game until this is resolved. A much more direct option, but it does work. In the event the game crashes upon one of these people joining your lobby, there’s something you can do.

Verifying the game files’ integrity is your option, and to do that, you have to

  • Locate BlazBlue Centralfiction in your Steam Library
  • Right-click it and select Properties
  • Find the game’s Local Files tab
  • Click “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

It should also be worth noting that the malware is flagged by most updated antivirus software, so be sure to keep that up-to-date. It should go without saying, but be very careful playing BlazBlue Centralfiction online for the time being. BlazBlue Centralfiction is available now on PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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