[iPhone 6] Just How Strong Is Sapphire Glass? New Video Reportedly Shows The Material’s Flexibility

Out of all the iPhone 6 rumors and speculations, the one involving sapphire glass is perhaps the oldest. We've been hearing that the next Apple flagship smartphone will be coming with sapphire glass since more than 5 months. Initial reports suggested that Apple built a manufacturing plant solely for the purpose of manufacturing sapphire glass. Although there has been more speculation on the fact that which of the expected variants of the iPhone 6 will use sapphire glass, the presence of the material itself is almost a certain at this point. Of course, there have been other reports or rumors (take your pick), which have suggested that Apple has enough of an arsenal of the material to manufacture both the variants of the iPhone 6 as well as it's iWatch. Well, now we have a video which shows just how flexible and strong this material really is.

The video has been uploaded by Sonny Dickson, who is well known for his Apple leaks. It shows just how far the Sapphire Glass display on the upcoming iPhone 6 can be bent. Of course, there is no confirmation regarding the authenticity of the display shown in the video. But if it indeed is the real deal, then the sapphire glass display on the upcoming iPhone 6 could have many benefits indeed. Currently, sapphire glass helps coat the camera and the Touch ID sensor on the current iPhone 5S. Using the material for the display on the new iPhone 6 will help Apple reduce weight as well as increase durability for the flagship smartphone. Reports have suggested that Apple has been considering to manufacture 10 million units of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 with sapphire glass. If these really are true, then we could be looking at a device with much better materials this time around. So stick around folks, only two months left since we can officially get our hands on the next iPhone.



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