iPhone X Shipment Estimates Continue to do Better Thanks to Improved Production of Units


As expensive as it is, the iPhone X was also difficult to produce, resulting in a limited number of units being made available during launch day. While this did not result in a decrease in demand, production was hampered severely. A new update comes from a recent report which states that production of the iPhone X has improved, resulting in better shipment estimates now.

While Some Say TrueDepth Camera Components Were the Reason, iPhone X Production Was Decreased Because of Other Reasons

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the reasons the iPhone X production became so tight was because of components other than the TrueDepth camera itself. According to the analyst, Apple’s supply chain partners were unable to provide LTE antenna components while LG Innotek and Sharp could only manage limited yields of the dot projector module belonging to the TrueDepth camera.

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Things have improved significantly and it does not look like Apple will be seeing such obstacles pop up when the year 2018 starts. Given below is the report given pertaining to the details of the specific iPhone X components that have picked up production momentum.

“(1) Hon Hai’s daily shipments of iPhone X have climbed to 450-550k units, up from 50-150k units 1-2 months ago; (2) shipments of Career’s LCP LTE antenna will likely grow 100% MoM in both November and December; and (3) production yield of Dot projection module, made by LG Innotek (KR) and Sharp (JP), has moved quickly above 80-90% or higher from below 60% 1-2 months ago.”

Apple will definitely be looking at measures in which it can avoid another production setback like this.

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News Source: MCR