iPhone SE 2 Production Phase Reported to Commence From February Could Be Affected Due to Coronavirus

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iPhone SE 2 Launch May Happen on Time but Coronavirus Could Impact Production

Earlier, it was reported that the iPhone SE 2 launch will take place in March and that the low-cost device will enter mass production in February. While the release might appear to be on schedule, it appears that the production plans are in limbo because of the Coronavirus that has paralyzed life in some parts of China, where iPhone production factories are located.

Apple Sources Components From Various Suppliers, Mitigating Production Issues in Case of Scenarios Like This

Apple’s iPhones are mostly manufactured in China by Foxconn and Pegatron, and while the assembly plants of both the companies are more than 500 kilometers away from Wuhan, the ground zero for the Coronavirus, their operations might still get affected because of disruptions in the supply chain. Moreover, some cases of the Coronavirus have also been confirmed in Henan, where Foxconn‘s plant is located.

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If the situation worsens, the province might be locked down as well, as a result of which factories will probably be closed. If that happens, iPhone SE 2 launch might get affected, leading customers having to wait weeks and weeks for their desired product to reach their doorstep

Foxconn has said that it is following all recommended health practices but hasn’t confirmed its production plans. Apple has reportedly ordered the production of around 15 million iPhone SE 2 units and since the company usually splits component orders between different companies, the Coronavirus is unlikely to affect its production plans severely. Moreover, even if the production is impacted, the company will still likely stick to the aforementioned iPhone SE 2 launch timeline.

Other than Apple’s iPhone SE 2 launch, the outbreak is also expected to affect sales of the technology giant’s products in China. Overall, while the Coronavirus may impact Apple’s operations in the coming months, the situation is expected to normalize as China and the rest of the world make efforts to contain the virus. However, it will still not be surprising to see Apple delay some announcements if things don’t go according to plan.

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News Source: Bloomberg

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