iPhone Math With 4.8 Display Reportedly Launching In June


According to latest reports Apple will be launching an iPhone Math this june. This is the first we have heard of an Apple smartphone with this moniker. It might be an internal codename, if the device actually exists, but it should be kept in mind that only last September Apple released the iPhone 5. There have been reports that the company is reverting back to the Summer tradition of releasing new iPhones at the WWDC, but there hasn't been any confirmation as yet.

iPhone Math

A new report published by China Times reveals that Apple will launch three new smartphones this year. Two will be released in June, which will include an iPhone 5S with a 4 inch screen and the all new "iPhone Math" with a 4.8 inch screen. The third will be released sometime around Christmas, no details have been given about that but it is reported that it may feature a 12 megapixel camera. The reports cites Apple's component suppliers as the source of this information.

The rumor mill has been abuzz anyway regarding two different iPhone models. It has been rumored for long that Apple is going to release a cheaper iPhone as well as an iPhone 5S, the successor to Apple's latest smartphone. This iPhone Math business is entirely new and this is also the first time we've heard about a possible iPhone model with a 4.8 inch screen. Last month Peter Misek of Jefferies, in a note to investors, revealed that out of the several iPhone 6 prototypes that are floating around there is one with a 4.8 inch Retina+ IGZO screen, an A7 processor and no Home button. Unlike other sources, Misek's predictions are often correct.

Though the cheaper iPhone and an iPhone 5S are more of a possibility than the ludicrous iPhone Math, it really is interesting to see how Apple is slowly but surely succumbing to market pressure. iPhones have always featured a 3.5 inch screen, ever since the first one came out in 2007. The iPhone 5 became the first Apple smartphone to come with a 4 inch screen, seeing how most market dominating Android powered smartphones have far bigger screens. Perhaps the iPhone Math may be a possibility to give popular Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 some competition? Seriously though, iPhone Math is definitely not the name Apple will give to a new smartphone.