iPhone 5S Specifications And Release Date Allegedly Leaked


Never mind the fact that it has only been a couple of months since Apple released iPhone 5. Already the rumor mill is ripe with iPhone 5S rumors and these will continue to come up until the device is released. Obviously it is safe to say that it isn't going to happen any time soon.

Recent rumors suggest that Apple will announce iPhone 5S at World Wide Developers Conference 2013, going back to the traditional iPhone release timeline of June or July. Today, allegedly, detailed iPhone 5S specifications and a release date have been leaked. Needless to see, speculators are having a field day.

iPhone 5S

These iPhone 5S rumors come from Peter Misek, the infamous analyst at Jefferies. He is of the view that Apple's seventh generation iPhone will have a considerably better camera than iPhone 5. For the record, iPhone 5 has an amazing camera which is far better than that of iPhone 4S. Rumors from other sources suggest that the camera may be a 12 megapixel one, but there's no confirmation on that as yet.

One of the major changes in iPhone 5S will probably be that of the processor. Apple is contemplating shifting chip manufacturing business to Intel as well as TSMC and Samsung will cease to provide the chips. Since the "S" moniker was originally attached with iPhone 3GS to denote its significant improvement in speed over its predecessor, we're likely to see a faster and more power efficient chip in iPhone 5S.

Misek also believes that Apple will be including NFC in the next generation iPhone. It was strongly believed that iPhone 5 will come bearing NFC but it did not. Now the fact that Passbook app has been rolled out with iOS 6, there remains no logical reason to not put NFC in the next iPhone. He also believes that iPhone 5S will have a better display and a much larger battery.

History dictates that Apple does not make any design changes to the iPhones that come with the "S" moniker. We can expect that to happen in the case of iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S release date is still expected to be in the summer of 2013.