This iPhone M1 Concept Completely Changes the Notch to Give Us a Proper Full-Screen Design


After four generations, Apple could finally reduce the notch when officially announcing the iPhone 13 series later this year. Completely eliminating the notch might be an uphill battle for the technology, although one report claims that in-display Face ID could be just a couple of years away. Fortunately, for those that want an early look at what it would be like to see a full-screen handset from Apple, check out this iPhone M1 concept, which takes the notch placement to a whole new level.

Notch Now Protrudes Through the Side of This iPhone M1 Concept, Eliminating the Perfect Symmetry of the Phone, but Giving You a Full-Screen Design in the Process

The talented Antonia De Rosa has shared images of the iPhone M1 concept, and his idea of getting rid of the notch does not materialize through the use of incorporating the necessary components beneath the display but placing them in a spot that protrudes through the side of the device. Yes, that is right, one side of the iPhone M1 is raised to accommodate the TrueDepth camera and the core sensors to provide a full-screen design while maintaining those flat edges.

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Unfortunately, Apple’s design philosophy will prevent them from gaining any aspiration from this iPhone M1 concept, although, we must say that third-party case manufacturers could make the effort and design a protective cover that will hide the side notch and give us that near-perfect iPhone design. If you forgot, Antonia De Rosa also made a lightweight AR headset concept that is more in line with a product that Apple could produce in the near future.

The iPhone M1 is definitely an interesting take on things, and you can check out the entire portfolio by clicking on the source link below. Like always, do share your thoughts down in the comments and let us know if you want Apple to pursue something like this.

News Source: Antonia De Rosa