No iPhone Coming in August – Leaked iPhone 6c with Touch ID a Fake Render

Rafia Shaikh

Today was a high day for upcoming iPhone 6s rumors we saw quite a few related reports and purported images showing off the devices. A trusted source in the industry speculated earlier in the day that Apple might release the iPhone 6s duo in August instead of its usual time slot in September. This was backed by how suppliers were meeting up the deadlines making it possible for the Cupertino-based phone maker.

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iPhone 6s rumors today:

As reported earlier in the day,

Foxconn has been able to achieve impressive component yield rates, that will allow the manufacturer to secure nearly three-fourths of upcoming iPhone orders. Furthermore, Kuo claims that as a result of this, the iPhone 6S will be launched by Apple in August and will be available for purchase in September.

If that got you excited, here's the sad news for you that this one was certainly not a true report. You will find your dear next iPhone announcement happening in September and not before it.

Another bit talked about how Apple might have leaked an upcoming device on its webpage. The device seemed to be an iPhone 5c with Touch ID fingerprint sensor not yet embedded. Many believed that this actually was the next-gen iPhone 5c being called the iPhone 6c and the likes. We reported earlier,

"Apple's new lightning dock updates on Tuesday show an interesting device listing on its online store. What appears to be an iPhone 5C is among the devices supported by the dock. But here's the catch, this variant of the 5C also sports a Touch ID sensor, which might be an accidental slip up by the company."

Now, sources of 9to5mac confirm that the image was indeed an "incorrect render, and that it doesn’t reflect any plans Apple may or may not have for an upcoming device." Same sources also confirmed that we won't be seeing the next gen iPhones before fall.

So folks, while there have been many times when tech companies have let the product details slip out earlier of their announcement dates, today's not that day. Let's wait for some more legit news and images to satiate our geek and consumerist appetite for more and new iPhones.

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