Only the iPhone 6S Plus will Get the Force Touch Display Panel – Rumors


We have already seen reports of Apple employing the Force Touch displays on the next gen iPhone models. Today sees new claims of similar nature including the details Apple supplier of Force Touch panels. Force Touch is a new type of touch technology that understands the differences between various pressure levels - hard presses or lighter touches. This feature is achieved by employing an embedded sensor inside the display panel expanding the functionality of the panel. However, this expansion does not come for cheap.

iPhone Force Touch tech updates:

Apple has employed this Force Touch technology into its first gen Apple Watch - yet to be shipped - which costs the company $4 - $5 a unit. The price will become much more expensive (some 2.5 times) when it comes to an iPhone model thanks to its increased size, of course. According to details, it will cost Apple some $13 - $14 a piece to employ Force Touch on the iPhone.

Today's Apple Force Touch display panel rumor claims that the Cupertino will not employ this technology on the smaller iPhone and only iPhone 6 Plus successor will get this luxury feature. While this is just another rumor, it is quite indicative that Apple will take the Force Touch technology of Apple Watch forward to its iPhone. The company is quite fond of trying a particular technology and taking it to its other products as well. Apple has also used the Force Touch tech in the latest 12-inch MacBook.

Latest rumors claim that Apple's China-based Force Touch display supplier, TPK, is expected to see major profits by the end of this year thanks to Apple's decision of having the same tech for its upcoming iPhone too. TPK, however, is not the only maker of Force Touch panels as another China-based supplier, GIS, is said to have also been chosen for the task.

Source of iPhone Force Touch updates: UDN