iPhone 7 Rumored Features: Edge-to-Edge Screen, 14nm A9 Chip, DSLR-Like Shooter

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Four more months and the new lot of iPhones will be released by Apple. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and according to rumors, we might see a 4-inch iPhone possibly named iPhone 7 Mini too. We can't say for sure what these smartphones will be named as Apple doesn't carry a good record of being consistent with names but well, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be released in September and aren't expected to be majorly different than the current duo.

iPhone 7 rumor roundup:

Apple might cut down on the weight just a tad bit and boast the duo as lightest ever but that's what Cupertino is fond of doing. Here are the iPhone 7 rumors, expected features and details that are speculated so far. Remember, leaks and rumor mill gets stronger once we near the launch dates.

Three iPhones?

  • Apple will certainly refresh the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - third model is rumored but not strongly expected after the popularity of larger phones. Naming could be anywhere from "the new iPhone" to iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the most convenient iPhone 7.


  • A9 processing chip will be powering the next gen iPhones. We heard some news from Samsung back in December that it was working on A9 chips for Apple using its 14nm FinFET technology.

No major design changes:

  • Current gen iPhones are already very thin and light but Apple is likely to cut on the dimensions just a little bit to keep the "lightest, thinnest" tagline forever alive. Oh Apple, you get so cute sometimes!
  • Would certainly NOT feature a curved or edged screen if you think Apple will so blatantly follow the Galaxy S6 Edge success - doesn't seem likely.
  • There's a rumor of an edge-to-edge screen with Home button integrated into the display (pictured above).
  • While not a sure shot but we might see the Force Touch display technology being employed on the upcoming iPhone 7 duo. To fight back the immense success of Galaxy S6 duo and keeping up with the design ideology of Watch and the new MacBooks, it isn't very far fetched of a feature. Again, Apple could try to keep this bit for 2016 as it is rumored to give most focus to the camera module - more on that later.

Will there be USB Type C port?

  • Following the release of the new MacBook and the rumors of iPad Plus, there is an expectation that Apple might fit in the USB-C port in the upcoming iPhones. However, that seems very unlikely at this stage as Apple has only recently moved to Lightning and considering the design changes in iPhone 6 duo, is certainly not expected to introduce any major changes this year. Perhaps next year?

Improved camera to be the highlight of iPhone 7:

  • One of the most important and very early rumors about iPhone 7 started right after the iPhone 6 duo was released in 2014. Apple is rumored to feature a dual-lens camera module in iPhone 7 offering a DSLR-level picture quality. Considering the fact that consumers aren't expecting any design changes in the next iPhones, a better (it won't be DSLR-ish anyway) camera module would provide a strong selling point to Apple.

iPhone 7 release date:

  • Release date as always will fall somewhere in September.

And no, we aren't going to talk about the joysticks for iPhone as it's highly unlikely of Apple to please mobile gamers with joysticks.

So that was the iPhone 7 rumor roundup for now, folks. We will definitely be keeping you up to date with latest rumors and more importantly any leaks that come out about the upcoming iPhones. Let us know which one of the above features you'd want to see the most. Is it the edge-to-edge screen or DSLR picture quality? I am putting my bets on the latter - wishes, horses or something of the sort.

iPhone 7 rumor roundup - some renders:


iphone 7 rumor roundup

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