iPhone 8 Might Boast a Stainless Steel Construction for Better Durability


With all the rumors being spoken about the iPhone 8 regarding its support for wireless charging and providing better security in the form of an iris scanner, there are very few notes on what the actual phone’s construction it’s going to be comprised up of? According to the latest report, iPhone 8 is expected to feature a stainless steel chassis and this could have been reported because of several reasons.

Stainless Steel Expected to Add More Rigidity to the iPhone 8 Compared to Aluminum – Will Wireless Charging Support Still Be Present?

According to the latest report via DigiTimes, Apple is expected to adopt a stainless steel process for its glass-enclosed iPhone 8. This is going to be different compared to the traditional aluminum CNC machining that majority of smartphone manufacturers use so already we’re getting a different iPhone right off the bat as far as the exterior goes. The last time Apple ever went through with such a material for crafting the chassis of the iPhone was with iPhone 4s and the reason why the company could be going with such a material again is because, in addition to making the iPhone 8 extremely durable, it will also make it relatively lightweight.

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Though smartphones are generally considered lightweight, the incorporation of larger battery capacities, accessories, and other components tend to shoot up its total weight. We are not sure if this is going to be for the models that are not going to provide support for wireless charging but we’ll continue to provide you with timely updates on this part. The removal of the headphone definitely has its drawbacks and the company has been rumored to get rid of this thanks to wireless charging support. One model is expected to get announced featuring an all-glass casing to allow compatibility with wireless charging.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to ship out without a physical home button, and the fingerprint sensor is most likely going to be embedded beneath the display. Other changes included an OLED display for better battery life and rich color production. Do you think the iPhone 8’s stainless steel body is a good choice for the upcoming device? Let us know your thoughts right away.