iPhone 7 Rumored To Have A Chassis That Will Withstand The Elements

With only two days passed after iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were officially available globally and here we have rumors about Apple’s next generation smartphone iPhone 7 already coming through. Like always, a successor is always supposed to exceed its predecessor in several ways, but the latest rumor suggests that Apple intends on raising the bar to a whole new platform, particularly when the chassis of iPhone 7 is the primary subject.

iPhone 7 Expected To Sport A Chassis That Is Going To Be Completely Waterproof – Will Most Likely Be Stronger Than iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus

A source states that iPhone 7 is going to have a much stronger chassis compared to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. However, one major difference between these smartphones is that iPhone 7 is expected to be waterproof. From the previous article that we published, Apple’s new announced iPhones can function even after they have been submerged in water and best of all, all the ports remain completely functional after they were removed and left out to dry. So how exactly does Apple intend on making a waterproof exterior for its iPhone 7? The source did not state this unfortunately.

Additionally, there is also a rumor that volume production for iPhone 7 is going to be on the low side. The source did not care to explain why it expected such a thing, but it is highly possible because of the lack of materials that Apple would have in designing the waterproof chassis. At this current point, it is far too early to tell what kind of plans are revolving inside the heads of Apple designers but if there was so much technology incorporated into these devices, then you can rest assure that iPhone 7 is going to packing a lot of features.

Would you guys like to see a waterproof chassis on iPhone 7? Let us know thoughts.


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