Apple’s New iPhones Are Taken For A Swim Test – The Results Are Extremely Interesting

Omar Sohail

Apart from Apple’s latest iPhones possessing a much stronger chassis compared to its predecessors, the tech giant’s flagship smartphones have another surprise waiting for you guys and this is going to be displayed to you while the handsets are submerged underwater.

Both iPhones Are Submerged Into Water – Did They Survive Or Did They Meet Their Water Grave?

According to a video posted on popular video sharing and streaming website YouTube, Apple’s latest iPhones are submerged into water; because people are finding new ways to test the limits of these gadgets. Zach Straley, who is also known as zeedude22 on Twitter, managed to post a video performing a water submergence test on both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Each phone is placed in a separate bowl of water, which is filled up at a height at which both iPhones would be completely submerged given their thickness. Now, the following is the most surprising thing that you will read all day.

Both iPhones were able to operate like their chassis did not even make contact with water. Both displays were working properly without showing any erratic behavior, which is really surprising to hear given the sensitivity of these smartphones. The swiping and 3D Touch function were all working completely fine. Furthermore, even the plug outlets of both the smartphones were working properly, particularly the lightning port.

Most critics would have believed that this was nothing more than a forged advertisement from Apple in order to show to the public that it would take more than this for the smartphones to stop functioning. However, it is a legitimate video, which will definitely give consumers additional peace of mind when they head out to make their purchase.

Both of Apple’s newly release iPhones come with the same screen sizes as their predecessors but these ones are equipped with much better hardware ranging from Apple’s A9 SoC, to 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM. While iPhone 6s features a 1,715mAh battery and iPhone 6s Plus has a 2,715mAh cell, the efficient processor, RAM, optimized mobile platform and the smaller lithographic LTE Cat 6 modem from Qualcomm will definitely be the game changers when it comes to battery life.

Given below are the on-contract prices of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus:

  • 16GB iPhone 6s – $199
  • 64GB iPhone 6s – $299
  • 128GB iPhone 6s – $399
  • 16GB iPhone 6s Plus – $299
  • 64GB iPhone 6s Plus – $399
  • 128GB iPhone 6s Plus – $499

After looking at how these iPhones are able to survive underwater, would you be compelled to purchase one? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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