It’s Best Not to Damage Galaxy S6 Edge Display – Costs €225 in Repairs


Samsung introduced a unibody design with premium glass and metal materials in the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models. This was what consumers had asked from Sammy for years - of course, not the battery bit - but this adds in some repair costs of the smartphone. Sporting components that are no less than the industry A-list, cost of maufacturing the latest Galaxy S6 duo was said to be higher than any other previous Galaxy S model. What exactly are these manufacturing and repair numbers then?

S6 Edge & Galaxy S6 cost breakdown:

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are selling like hot cakes thanks to both the improved features, new deisgn and the overwhelming consumer and analyst reviews. If you too have got yourself one or are considering to, knowing about just how much a particular part costs could help you take better care of your expensive gadget.

The most expensive component in your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge...

As always, displays take the top of the list being the most expensive component with S6 Edge display taking the lead. Samsung Galaxy S6 display costs Sammy €100 a piece while the dual curved display on the S6 edge doesn't come any cheaper than €150.

Next comes the 16-megapixel camera sensor which has costed Samsung €35 a unit. However, this might not be an exact number as Samsung has employed its in-house ISOCELL camera sensor and Sony's IMX240 for some of the Galaxy S6 duo units.

Here is the complete Samsung Galaxy S6 cost breakdown with approximate component and repair cost for each model. Don't ski[ to note that it takes some €225 to repair your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's display so try your best not to hurt it.

This Samsung Galaxy S6 cost breakdown comes thanks to the sources of Sammobile who have shared the details of the two smartphones.