Nope, It’s Not Too Early to Think About iPhone 7 as Samsung Starts 14nm A9 Chip Production

Rafia Shaikh

We reported earlier that Korean based tech giant has started producing a chip based on the latest 14nm FinFET production process. However, we didn't know who was the client of this chip as President of Samsung’s semiconductor business, Kim Ki-nam didn't announce the client's name while sharing the information. Today, as expected in this fast-moving tech industry, we are looking at new speculations that indicate that this particular 14nm chip is indeed an A9 for Apple's upcoming iPhone 7.

14nm FinFET iPhone 7 A9 chip:

While we did have our doubts of the client either being Apple or Qualcomm, we weren't too sure. Apple just released its latest iPhone 6 duo followed by the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 launch. It is quite early to read about iPhone 7 components getting manufactured already. Apparently not so early for Cupertino tech leader as it had already selected Samsung for production of the next gen chip for iPhone and iPad models.

Apple has already started getting the first samples of its next-generation A9 chipset which indicates that yesterday's claim from Samsung's semi-conductor president was pointing to Apple as well. The latest report from ET Korea sources its information from industry insiders claiming that, "SEC began production of Apple's A9 in the Austin plant in the US using the 14nm FinFET technology. Samsung has production lines capable of FinFET process production in Austin, US and Giheung, Korea, but began to produce A9 only in Austin as it is in the initial stage." [translated]

14nm based production of the next chip processing chips not only improve performance but also take less power and 15 percent less space too. While only incremental, the iPhone 7 A9 chip will definitely be able to power up next year's devices featuring improved specs and regular advancements expected. Not many details of this 14nm based chip ate in public space; the chip is 35 percent more power efficient, takes 15 percent less space, and gives 20 percent more performance. Upgrades in battery and graphics are expected to be the highlights of this chip.

Source: ET Korea News

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