Apple iPhone 6s To Support 4K And Front Camera Flash Among Major Upgrades


As days pass by, and we get more closer to Apple's upcoming upgrade of the iPhone 6s lineup, we've started to see an increasing amount of leaks and rumors surface about the next-gen smartphones from Cupertino. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are expected to feature a fair share of upgrades, given the devices fall under the 's' umbrella, and now a new report has surfaced, shedding light on the devices' camera capabilities in great detail.

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Apple has stuck with the same number of megapixels on its iPhone camera for a long, long time. Since the iPhone 4s, which saw its camera upgraded to 8-megapixels, the smartphone lineup from Apple has seen virtually no upgrades so far, and when compared to an Android smartphone, where manufacturers and users simply cannot get enough of upgrades and the highest amount of specifications being crammed into a device, it looks like Apple fans might be in for some good news this time around.

A 12-megapixel rear camera on the iPhone 6s is something that we've been hearing for quite a while now, and today, there's more information that supports the claim. According to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who's known for his well placed and highly accurate sources within the iPhone world, Apple will indeed be bumping up the iPhone 6s' rear camera to 12-megapixels.

But that isn't the only camera feature that the iPhone will be seeing an upgrade on.

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According to Gurman, an oft rumored feature about the iPhone 6s, i.e. a rear camera capable of recording 4K videos will also be coming this time around with the iPhone and we'll finally see Apple move towards the high definition technology supported by many devices out there. In addition to this, Apple's also paying close attention to the front camera of the iPhone 6s, with flash support also being an alleged part of the mechanism.

Not only this, but the iPhone 6s duo's front camera will also be seeing panorama shots, slo-mo video recording in 720p and quick white screens being added to the mix. So if you love selfies and self-recording capabilities of your iPhone or Android, you might just be in for a treat this time from Apple as well. The iPhone 6s duo is expected to be launched by Apple this September 9th and will be coming with several upgrades in the form of an improved A9 processor, Force Touch haptic feedback technology and a more compact architecture to name a few.

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