Apple’s iPhone 6S To Use 12 MP Sony RGBW Sensor Claims Report

Out of the numerous iPhone 6S rumors that we've seen so far, camera resolution changes for Apple's upcoming flagship are the ones that are the most interesting. According to speculation, Apple's finally expected to increase camera resolution for its flagship smartphone and decrease pixel size. Today, more information has surfaced that also corroborates earlier news that Apple might be looking to increase the iPhone's camera resolution to 12 MP.

Apple To Introduce 12 MP Sony RGBW Camera Sensor In The iPhone 6S

This time straight out of Japan, we have news that Apple's going to use Sony's 12 MP camera sensor in the iPhone 6S. What's more is that this camera sensor will come using an additional 'White' range of pixels, in addition to the standard Red Green and Blue pixels that camera sensors generally employ. This will help the device capture better images in low light scenarios as it ends up reducing overall image noise, allowing for better quality images. What's more is that if we consider it in light of earlier news that the iPhone 6S will be employing smaller pixels, then it could end up compensating for loss of quality in low light scenarios, which is a result of pixel size decrease.

The same source also reports that Apple already intended to use this technology in the iPhone 6 Duo launched last year, but plans were scrapped as the Cupertino giant was unable to make it meet up to its standards. Could this year be the one for the iPhone's camera resolution bump? We're pretty optimistic so far. This bit of news about Sony's camera sensor originating from the manufacturer's home country could also further boost the Japanese firm's reputation in the market as well. So while nothing's for sure yet, things do seem to be pointing in the right direction. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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