iPhone 6s 3D Touch Video Reveals Its Battery Details – View Them Right Here

Omar Sohail

Apple is not too keen on revealing key details of its newly announced flagship smartphones, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, with one of the core hardware elements being the battery capacity. However, the latest video shows that the battery capacity of the 4.7 inch handset might have been erroneously revealed.

3D Touch Video Shows That Battery Capacity That Is Going To Be Present In iPhone 6s – See All The Details Right Here

Thanks to a source, we now know that the battery capacity details of iPhone 6s. The battery type is going to be lithium ion and its overall capacity is going to be slightly lower than iPhone 6. However, that should not discourage future iPhone 6s users because it might be a 1,715mAh cell present in it, which is less than the 1,810mAh battery present in iPhone 6, but the remainder of the components present inside the newly released smartphone are efficient enough to deliver prolonged battery timings to the user.

Starting off, Apple A9 present in iPhone 6s is nearly twice as fast as A8 and is much more efficient compared to the latter. Furthermore, the device is also incorporated with Qualcomm’s 20nm Cat 6 LTE modem, which will not only delivers maximum download speeds of 300Mbps, but is going to be much more efficient compared to the Cat 4 LTE modems present in both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The remainder of the specifications include a 12MP camera sensor; one that will easily be able to capture 4K footage. The video recording upgrade is a huge step up, considering that iPhone 6 could only record 1080p videos. The 3D Touch functionality provides users with three pressure functions, where applying different levels of pressure will not only pop up something different, but it will also produce a different buzzing sound in order to inform the user what is going to appear in front of them.

Apple has also revealed the pricing details of iPhone 6s, along with AppleCare+ prices. Given below are the on-contract prices of both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and both devices are going to be available on September 25, in 130 countries and provided by 400 carriers worldwide.

  • 16GB iPhone 6s – $199
  • 64GB iPhone 6s – $299
  • 128GB iPhone 6s – $399
  • 16GB iPhone 6s Plus – $299
  • 64GB iPhone 6s Plus – $399
  • 128GB iPhone 6s Plus – $499


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