Apple iPhone 6s Plus Specifications, Features, Price, Images, And Release Date


With the buildup surrounding the devices being as high as it can get, Apple has finally launched the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus today. The trend of two devices from the Cupertino tech giant started last year in order to cater to the needs of users demanding a larger screen iPhone, and has continued this year as well.

iPhone market share at the time of this post's writing is as high as ever, and with the new features and upgrades that Apple has delivered with the iPhone 6s duo this time around, we'd expect the Cupertino company to slug it along until the next big iPhone release next year. So what is the iPhone 6s Plus all about? Read below to find out.

Apple Launches The iPhone 6s Plus With 16, 64 and 128 GB Storage Options

At its event today at the Bill Graham Civic auditorium, Apple was eager to show off a variety of gadgets in addition to its smartphone duo. Aside from the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, we also got a chance to take a look at the iPad Pro, an all new Apple TV, iOS 9, and some other things. To read more about other Apple announcements that took place today, check out our extensive event coverage. As for the iPhone 6s Plus, let's start from the device's design.


We already anticipated that little changes would take place on the iPhone as we headed into today's event. S-lineup upgrades from Apple focus on specifications and features, with new design changes coming alongside a generational iPhone upgrade every other year. But that doesn't mean there wasn't anything new from Apple this time around. The company has introduced an all new color option with the iPhone, Rose Gold, making the color options you can choose your iPhone from to four.

Aside from an all new color option, the iPhone 6s Plus also comes with an all new 7000 series Aluminum build, which seems all the more necessary when it comes to the larger sized iPhone. The 7000 series is said to withstand up to three times the load of the iPhone 6 Plus' Aluminum. The screen for the iPhone 6s Plus is an Ion-X, not Sapphire, which according to Apple is the strongest in the industry at this point.

Performance & Specifications

With the S lineup of devices, its performance and feature upgrades that generally see a greater focus from Apple's end. This year's iPhone 6s Plus won't be any exception to the rule either. Starting from the iPhone 6s Plus' processor, the device is powered by the Apple A9, which finally should have made the large manufacturing process jump. If manufactured on the 14/16nm manufacturing process from Samsung and TSMC, which we expect it to be, the A9 should be expected to consume less power than the A8 and see other improvements as well.

Apple's iPhone 6s Plus also comes with an improved GPU and CPU performance, according to official Apple numbers. The A9 comes with an entirely new transistor architecture and is 70% faster than the A8 on performance and offers a huge 90% GPU performance increase. While the CPU's increase can be attributed to the A9 being a significant upgrade over its predecessor, we have to wonder if any changes have taken place on the hardware level for the GPU of the device.

Last year's iPhone 6 saw Apple adding two more GPU clusters and upgrading the iPhone 6 Plus' GPU to the PowerVR Rogue Series 6XT GX6650. We'll have to wait for device teardowns to be sure of any changes under the hood of the device. Oh, and the iPhone 6s Plus also comes with the M9 co-processor built directly into the A9. Since its integrated, it'll be always on and ready to process data.


Ahh. Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated features of the iPhone 6s Plus. Last year's launch of the larger screen iPhone saw the device coming with OIS on board, which meant even more improved photographic results for users all around. But with the iPhone 6s Plus launch this year, Apple's finally taking that huge step forward into higher camera resolution, which the company has been oft criticized for not doing so.

After the iPhone 4s, we now see the iPhone 6s lineup's camera resolution being upgraded to 12MP. While last year's iPhone 6 Plus came with Focus Pixels on board, which is Apple's way of describing Phase Detection Auto Focus, this year's iPhone 6s Plus comes with Deep Trench Isolation, which according to Apple separates the image diodes and ends up eliminating unnecessary noise between pixels. Video recording for the iPhone 6s Plus stands at 4K now, folks.

With live photos, Apple has now integrated its 3D Touch into photos, leading towards an entirely new feature called Live Photos. They'll not only show your photos being animated, but you'll also get sound thrown into the mix which extends the captured image. So, all your images just got extended into something interesting that we're interested to give a run for sure.

Oh, and before we forget. For all you selfie lovers, the iPhone 6s Plus now comes with a front FaceTime camera that can not only record panorama shots and slo-mo videos at this speed, but it also has a resolution of 5MP. It comes with a Retina flash, so all of your selfies are just about to be taken to an all new level with the iPhone 6s Plus, folks.

Price, Availability, Storage, Color Options, & More

The iPhone 6s Plus will be available starting from September 25th and will come with all of your favorite carrier packages on board. The 16GB, 64GB and 128 GB variants of the iPhone will be available for $299, $399 and $499 respectively, and the device will be available in Space Gray, White, Gold, and Rose Gold. The iPhone 6s also comes with 2x faster Wi-Fi and faster LTE, coupled with a second generation Touch ID sensor on board.

You can book your pre-orders soon as well, so head over to Apple.com to reserve your orders. Or you can head over directly to the Apple Store, but we all know what awaits you there. Like the iPhone 6s Plus from Apple? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for more.

. . . And One More Thing - 3D Touch

You thought we were done, didn't you? The iPhone 6s Plus also comes with yet another feature today folks, one that has been in the rumor mill for months before today. The device will be coming with Force Touch, or as Apple calls it, 3D Touch, on board which means that your iPhone will now be able to respond to varying levels of touch inputs. You'll be able to interact with your content in a large variety of methods, which is deeply integrated into iOS 9 according to Apple.

Taptic feedback has also made it on-board the iPhone 6s Plus and the device has its own dedicated Taptic engine. The capacitive sensors have been built right into the device's display, which according to Apple, measures the distance between the glass and the backlight. It's going to be integrated throughout the system and you'll be able to use it with a variety of apps such as calendar, messages and more.

That finally completes our iPhone 6s Plus coverage for today folks. Apple seems to be heading into another strong year after today, though final numbers can only be known once the device hits the market. But with the amount of features shown off today, we're sure that the Cupertino tech giant has thought long and hard about its devices and we should be expecting more from Apple in the future.