iPhone 13 Pro 3D Mockup Shows Same iPhone 12 Design With Flatter Edges, but With Smaller Notch and Differently Positioned Earpiece


A 3D mockup of the iPhone 13 Pro reveals significant changes compared to the iPhone 12 Pro, but it looks like Apple could be sticking to the same flat-edge design. If you are interested in knowing more about these changes, continue reading on.

Front Camera in the iPhone 13 Pro 3D Mockup Also Appears to Be Repositioned

A trio of images were shared by Mac Otakara, revealing how different the iPhone 13 Pro could be from its direct predecessor and the rest of the iPhone 12 lineup as well. The 6.1-inch 3D mockup reveals a smaller notch, which has been talked about before in a previous rumor. However, an earlier leak that allegedly showed the iPhone 13 series’ front glass also revealed a smaller notch, which can be an indication that Apple is expected to bring about this change when it will reportedly launch four new models in late September.

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The previous front glass leak also showed a repositioned earpiece, which can be seen in this latest mockup. What was not shown in that glass leak was the repositioning of the front camera. It also looks like while the notch is smaller in width, it could be slightly taller. The measurement comparison of the notch has been shared below, but we will continue to wait for more details in the coming months.

  • iPhone 13 Pro notch measurements - 5.35mm in height, 26.80mm in width
  • iPhone 12 Pro notch measurements - 5.30mm in height, 34.83mm in width

The rear side also shows a triple primary camera setup, along with a smaller blue-colored circle, indicating the position of the LiDAR scanner, with the yellow-colored circle likely being the flash. Overall, we do not believe that the rear side will receive as big of a change as the front, and we are looking forward to showing you more comparisons in the future, so stay tuned.

Image Credit - Ian Zelbo

News Source: Mac Otakara