iPhone 13 Pro Durability Tested in New Video Against Scratches, Bending, Fire, More


Apple launched the new iPhone 13 series a few days ago and the devices have been received pretty well. Like every year, we have to see how the iPhone 13 holds up against durability tests. Several tests have shown that the new flagships are pretty similar to the iPhone 12 models in terms of durability. Now, a new iPhone 13 Pro durability test video has emerged showcasing how the device holds up against several tests.

iPhone 13 Pro Survives Durability Test With Flying Colors Against Several Aspects

The durability video has been shared by the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything that highlights how Apple's latest iPhone 13 Pro survives almost all tests. Starting off with the scratch test, the iPhone 13 Pro's 6.7-inch display is prone to scratches at level six with deeper cuts at a level seven. However, one important aspect to note here is that, unlike other devices, the iPhone 13 Pro adhered to far fewer scratches at level six. What this means is that the company has hardened the front panel to some extent.

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While the stainless steel sides give up when scratched, the back glass is pretty resistant to scratches. The glass on top of the cameras faced the same fate as the display in the iPhone 13 Pro durability test video. Furthermore, upon holding a lighter on the screen, the device survived the heat with little to no impact on the pixels. However, it did burn the oleophobic coating.

The durability boils down to the bend test. Even though the device made a crackling noise upon bending, it did end up in one piece without any bends. Moreover, it remained functional throughout. Henceforth, the iPhone 13 Pro survived the durability test. Check out the embedded video for more details on the subject. Also, check out how the iPhone 13 Pro drop test video.

Apple has come a long way when it comes to making its devices durable and the iPhone 13 Pro has proven to be quite a contender. We will share more details on the device's durability as soon as we have further information pertaining to the device. What are your views on the iPhone 13 Pro's durability? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.