iPhone 12 Lineup Accounted for 56 Percent of All iPhone Sales in the U.S. for Q1, 2021

Omar Sohail
iPhone 12 Lineup Accounted for 56 Percent of All iPhone Sales in the U.S. For Q1, 2021

It’s remarkable what the iPhone 12 series has achieved in such a short time. The latest data now states that for Q1, 2021, all four models accounted for 56 percent of all iPhone sales in the U.S.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max Had the Largest Sales Percentage This Quarter

If you look at the chart below, both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max had the biggest share for a single model, securing 17 percent each for Q1, 2021. The iPhone 12 Pro was slightly behind these two. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 mini hasn’t been selling as well as Apple would have liked. Previous data revealed that this 5.4-inch handset was the worst-selling of the four for the October to November period. In fact, this model's poor reception has reportedly forced Apple to cut production by two million.

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Josh Lowitz, CIRP Partner, and Co-Founder, commented that even the more expensive iPhone 12 models had accumulated a significant market share in the U.S.

“For the full quarter, the new iPhone 12 models, and in particular the most expensive ones, garnered a significant share of sales. Even though these models were not available for the entire quarter, the model mix and pricing drove US-WARP to $873, the highest level we’ve seen in the almost 10 years we’ve surveyed iPhone buyers. US-WARP is similar to the Average Selling Price figure that Apple disclosed until two years ago. The core iPhone 12 had 17% of sales and was priced $100 more than last year’s iPhone 11. iPhone 12 Pro Max, priced at $1099, matched its share, with the $999 iPhone 12 Pro right behind. For all models, around half of buyers upgraded from base storage, further boosting average selling price.”

The report mentions that around half of the iPhone 12 buyers purchased the higher-tier models, getting more storage in return. This resulted in increasing the ASP, or Average Selling Price for Apple. In terms of global sales performance, the iPhone 12 has mimicked its success in the U.S., with the 6.1-inch version becoming the most popular 5G-ready smartphone in the world for October 2020.

While these figures are impressive, they may not represent the whole story. That’s because CIRP’s results are based on a survey of 500 U.S.-based customers that purchased an iPhone during the October to December period of 2020. We’ll get to check out more numbers in the future, and when we do, our readers will be updated accordingly, so stay tuned.

News Source: CIRP

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