iPhone 12 Launch Will Help Apple Capture Top-Spot Thanks to The New Models’ 5G-Ready Status in 2020, Claims New Report

Omar Sohail
iPhone 12 Launch Will Help Apple Capture 5G Phone Market

Apple continues to be behind the pack as far as a 5G-ready smartphone launch is concerned, but it looks like the competition gaining a lead isn’t the company’s concern. According to a fresh report, the iPhone 12 launch is expected to take the Cupertino giant to new heights, and if the stats are true, it may even beat Samsung in the process.

iPhone 12 Launch to Include Three New Models With Possibly Varied Pricing, Which Should Help Apple Maintain Its Lead

While it is disappointing that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max didn’t ship with 5G modems, it looks like Apple has little to worry about. That’s because, during the company’s Q4 2019 earnings, CEO Tim Cook stated that the latest lineup is off to a tremendous start and that can only mean excellent news for the iPhone 12 launch that’s expected in September 2020.

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In addition to adding camera upgrades which could include an AR sensor, the iPhone 12 launch is also expected to add the Snapdragon X55 5G modem to the three new models. This is where the true game-changing will happen, according to a report from Strategy Analytics.

Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics states the following regarding the iPhone 12 launch in 2020.

“It may seem counterintuitive that Apple, which currently has no 5G phones in its portfolio will be able to pass current 5G market leaders Samsung and Huawei. But with three new 5G models coming next year, Apple merely needs to match its current upgrade rates for newly introduced iPhone models to take the lead next year.”

The report also states that Apple’s lead in the 5G phone market will be propelled thanks to the negative outcome of the U.S. technology trade ban on Huawei. Otherwise, the Chinese giant is dominating on its home turf, which is a key market Apple happens to be struggling in. Part of why Chinese customers continue using Huawei devices is because they don’t rely on Google services, so it’s highly likely that for the time being, Huawei will push its efforts there.

Also, while Apple is expected to do well with its iPhone 12 launch in the 5G smartphone market, the report states that at the end of all this, Samsung is expected to remain the leader in the long term. That’s due to the company’s dominance in the overall smartphone market.

Of course, we expect this report to just be a guideline and for what could happen in the future. It doesn’t translate towards actual events happening. However, considering the success Apple’s had thanks to its iPhone 11 release, it shouldn’t be surprising if the iPhone 12 launch ends up being a successful one.

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