iPhone 11 Sales to Reportedly Decline in 2019 Due to ‘Lack of Innovative Selling Points’


Earlier this year, Rosenblatt analysts predicted that iPhone 11 sales will be disappointing, but failed to point out the relevant reasons as to why this would be the case. Fast forward to today, and just mere hours before Apple’s ‘By innovation only’ keynote starts, an analyst has provided his thoughts on why this year’s iPhone 11 range isn’t expected to sell that well.

Analyst Points out Apple Will Still Be Able to Sell a Large Number of Smartphone Units Due to Price Cut of Previous Models

The eve of the keynote sees Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities analyst coming out with another report highlighting the ‘lack of innovative selling points’ that will lead to the reduction of iPhone 11 sales. One of them could most likely be the lack of 5G connectivity. Even though industry watchers have pointed out that it’s practically useless to own a 5G-ready smartphone in 2019 as networks are still establishing the required infrastructure, that hasn’t stopped phone manufacturers to release phones with a 5G modem. Albeit a little expensive, customers have still made these devices their daily drivers in the hopes of experiencing what 5G networks have to offer next year.

Apple is Bringing Same-Unit Face ID Repairs For iPhone XS and Newer Models

Even after renewing its agreement with Qualcomm, the first crop of 5G-ready devices from Apple could arrive next year, and that could be one reason for the potential decline of the iPhone 11 sales figure. Kuo predicts that shipments of the newer models getting announced later today could reduce 5-10 percent year-over-year to 65-70 million units. Fortunately, with Apple selling several previous-generation iPhone models, the tally for this year could reach 180 million. One reason for this is further price reduction of the models released the year prior.

In case you didn’t know, the iPhone XR has been the most popular smartphone for the second half of 2019 with 26.9 million shipments. Apple could potentially increase the sales figure for this year by reducing the price of the latter by $100, bringing its starting price to just $649 for 64GB of storage. It would still tout very capable hardware, along with Qi wireless charging, Face ID, and ample battery life to last the whole day.

It’s expected that the cheaper iPhone 11 that’s ready to succeed the iPhone XR could be offered at $749, so a $649 asking price for a model released just last year could be a compelling option for most users. As for what else Apple plans on releasing tonight, be sure to check out our detailed iPhone 11 roundup and don’t forget to miss our timely coverage later today.

News Source: 9to5Mac