iPhone 11 Pro Survives for a Whole Month at the Bottom of a Frozen Lake; Comes out Unharmed

iPhone 11 Pro Survives for a Whole Month at the Bottom of a Frozen Lake; Comes out Unharmed

Here is another tale of how an iPhone managed to survive against all odds and came out of a precarious situation seemingly unharmed. On this occasion, the model in question was the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 11 Pro Can Survive Being in Water for 2 Meters up to 30 Minutes, but Here, It Did the Impossible

Angie Carriere was celebrating her 50th birthday and decided to spend this momentous occasion by ice fishing in Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan. Shortly after, she mistakenly dropped her iPhone 11 Pro into the lake while asking her daughter to be careful with her own phone. According to CTV News, a whole month had passed, and Angie had still not managed to locate her phone.

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She wanted to find it so she could have a chance to head down to the nearest Apple Store and attempt to get it replaced. Sadly, the Apple staff would likely have turned down her request since the company does not provide free replacements for handsets that have incurred any kind of water damage. Afterward, she went back to the Waskesiu Lake and after two hours of searching using a magnet and fishing hook, Angie retrieved the iPhone 11 Pro.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 11 Pro is rated to survive up to a depth of 2 meters and 30 minutes, but on this occasion, it was working flawlessly after being submerged for a whole month. It is impressive that the iPhone 11 Pro managed to pull off a feat that is even more impressive than a high-end smartphone with IP68 certification. We are confident this is not going to be the last story in which a portable device came out unscathed.

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News Source: CTV News

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