Here’s a First Look at the New, Super-Sleek iPhone 11 Box Featuring a Low-Profile Just Like the iPhone 12 Series

Here’s a First Look at the New, Super-Sleek iPhone 11 Box Featuring a Low-Profile Just Like the iPhone 12 Series

The new packaging of the iPhone 11 will not include wired EarPods or the power adapter, meaning that Apple has plenty of room to reduce the size of the box. The company is adopting the same approach as it did with the iPhone 12 box, where every model belonging to the company’s newest series will ship in a packaging that’s 70 percent smaller than the previous boxes. Here, we show you the first look of the iPhone 11’s new packaging and how small it is compared to the packaging which included the wired EarPods and power brick.

The iPhone 11 Now Costs $599 in the U.S. But Comes Without the Standard Wired EarPods and Charger

A small video clip was shared by DuanRui on Twitter, showing how the new iPhone 11 packaging will look like. In a sentence, the box is extremely compact and looks similar in size to the iPhone 12’s packaging. However, we’re not sure if the iPhone 12’s box or iPhone 11’s box sold in France will share the same dimensions. Keep in mind that France is probably one of the only regions where Apple is providing a USB-C to Lightning cable as well as wired EarPods. With the new box, Apple claims that the packaging has been made while keeping in view the current environment.

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“iPhone 12 packaging is made with 100 percent recycled and responsibly sourced wood fiber. To improve our packaging, we are working to eliminate plastics, increase recycled content, and use less packaging overall. All of the wood fiber in our packaging is either recycled or comes from responsibly managed forests. And we have protected or created enough responsibly managed forests to cover all the virgin wood fiber we use in our packaging. This ensures working forests are able to regrow and continue to clean our air and purify our water. With the removal of select inbox accessories, we reduced the weight of the iPhone 12 packaging by 39 percent and we reduced the carbon footprint from shipping. And for the first time, we’ve replaced plastic films that protect the display with ones made from fiber—one step closer to eliminating plastics in our packaging.”

To make it easier for the consumer to purchase official Apple accessories, the company has reduced the price of its wired EarPods to $19 instead of charging $29, and it’s new 20W charger costs the same amount. Then again, if you’ve owned a previous iPhone, then it’s likely you kept those third-party audio and charging accessories, so you can comfortably use those instead of having to place an order for additional devices.

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News Source: DuanRui

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