iPad Mini 2 Rumors & Speculations – No Retina Display for 2013

Rafia Shaikh

The most troublesome rumor about the new iPad Mini has been about its display: Retina, no Retina, Retina, no Retina; rinse and repeat! The sources have kept doing somersaults with their leaked news and speculations making the followers quite worried. The very latest rumor too has confirmed that Apple will release the iPad Mini with Retina in 2014.

Through out the 2013, iPad Mini 2 rumors have been aplenty. Is the tablet going to have Retina display or not. Not many believe if Apple would release iPad Mini 2 with Retina this year. Remember, the company rolled out the first ever iPad Mini without a Retina display and it was the best selling iPad from the company as yet - regardless of its screen. The latest report from a Taiwanese website, Economic Daily, suggest that Apple will push back its iPad Mini with Retina display to year 2014 due to the shortage of Retina displays. Urmm, yes.

This report also claims that the company will roll out the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display along with iPad Mini that wouldn't sport a Retina resolution display, giving consumers a choice. But nobody is taking this rumor seriously for now, as witnessed before with almost every Apple rumor. There is always flip-flop going on when it comes to speculations made for Apple devices. Lately, the analysts from MPD Display Search claimed that iPad Mini 2 wouldn't be launched with a Retina display. Afterwards, they rolled back suggesting that Mini 2 would indeed be the one with Retina and whoa! they actually flipped back again to their first claim.

Earlier in June, Glen Yeung from Citi Research, claimed that Apple could deliver a rather cheaper iPad Mini 2 within $230 to $250 price tag. The cheaper version would then be followed by a separately launched iPad Mini with retina display somewhere later in the last quarter of this year or during the first quarter of 2014.

It is still unclear though that how would company place the current iPad Mini if the next would be released without a Retina display too. Some rumors suggest that the new iPad mini 2 will arrive with an upgraded processor and and updated camera too. Apart from this, all other details remain largely in shadows.

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