Some of the Best iPhone Apps to Change Your Lives!

Rafia Shaikh

What do you need when you have got an iPhone and are feeling bored? Just install some of the all time favorite apps, be entertained, shop or make your travelling easy. These top iPhone apps work like a wonder wand. So to help you out in your search of some of the best iPhone apps, here we present some of the top 50 iPhone apps to aid you in reshaping your online life; added fun, utilities and ease!

Utilities first?


PayPal Here: if you are looking for accounting apps, PayPal will help you collecting payments from your clients and colleagues.

Evernote: a very great tool for synchronizing your notes and posts.

Drafts: drafts allow you to create quick data entries for any other applications like Messages, Twitter, etc. Or just to save them as notes.

Analytics Pro: if you need to keep an eye on Google Analytics data on the go, this is the app for your Apple iPhone.

Below are some of the top gaming apps for your iPhone:

The famous Angry Birds series: Angry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds SpaceAngry BirdsAngry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio!

Apart from the Angry Birds series, Cut The RopeTetrisNBA JAM, and Crazy TaxiGran Turismo/ForzaCrazy Taxi, and Midway Arcade for those who love car and racing games.

Weather and positioning iPhone apps:

Dynolicious: this app uses iPhone’s sensors to determine 0-60 times, 1/4 mile and other performance metrics for a vehicle.

Storm Shield Weather Radio: just set this app up properly and it would alert you more efficiently than any local radio or TV channel.

Dark Sky: this app will simply notify you when it is about to rain, and how long will it be raining for. Ease!

Google Maps: Google Maps work lot better than the Apple's so it is widely used by iPhone users as a preferred map tool.

Glympse: Glympse is a great tool to show friends your location and estimated time of arrival. Comes handy when you are running late.

Some of the best iPhone apps for entertaining yourself:


The very famous Netflix app, the stock iOS Videos apps and also the YouTube app - work like wonder.

Also check Kindle, since it beautifully syncs books across all the Kindle apps, easy to read on the go.

Air Video: Air Video would help you watch the saved videos on your computer or iPhone anywhere in the world.

Audible: for those who love audio books.

Spotify: the popular music streaming service.

FStream: for listening to internet radio stations.

Downcast: Downcast is a pretty good podcast app syncing your settings and location across all the devices with iCloud - very useful.

Camera+: this is an advanced photography app for iOS that allows for separate white balance and focus. It also offers an incredible “Clarity” filter making shots look great.

Business and more...


StockTouch: the name says it. To keep track with stocks, this app will help you. There is a default Stocks app too.

Capital One 360: in case you have an account, this app will let you perform all their online functions from the iPhone.

FreshBooks: Freshbooks is a free app that can send electronic and paper bills without you printing them.

For currency conversion, check out iCurrencyPad.

Travel & leisure:

TripIt: TripIt is an incredible app to keep track of flight information and other bits like directions to hotels, etc.

Expedia: one of those very beautiful looking travel apps, Expedia makes booking and making reservations online easy and fun on the iPhone.

FlightTrack Pro: FlightTrack Pro will notify you about any plane delays, arrival times, and more such information.

Eventbrite: to register for any events, this iPhone app works beautifully. Also you don't need to print any tickets since this app supports Passbook.

Staples: to get access to your coupons and Staples rewards, the online Staples app for iOS would make it easy for you to shop on your local Staples.

And finally, Amazon will help you order just anything anytime. While eBay is a very useful tool for auctions, buying and selling stuff.

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