Black Friday Deals for iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 2

Rafia Shaikh

Apple's iPad Black Friday deals are one of the most sought-after discounted deals being looked for by the consumers. Since iPhone 5s and 5c have been offered with a price cut by the carriers including AT&T and the tempting deal of T-Mobile, there are some good deals for the iPad and the iPod models too. The good news is that the very latest iPad Air is also seeing some Black Friday deals this year. However, do not expect to see any such thankful Thanksgiving news for Retina iPad Mini as it has been suffering some supplies shortage issues.

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On Apple stores, we might see some $41 discount on its full sized iPad Air and the iPad 2. However, better iPad Black Friday deals can be availed from third party retail stores.

iPad Black Friday deals:

iPad Air Black Friday offers 2013:

As we have already shared with you, Target and Best Buy are offering some good deals on iPad Air this year:

- iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi [Best Buy] – $449.99

- iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi [Target] – $479.99 + $100 gift card

Target's iPad Air Black Friday deals looks tempting, right?

iPad Mini Black Friday deals:

- iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi [Target] – $299.99 + $75 Gift Card

- iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi [Walmart] – $299.99 + $100 Gift Card

- iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi [H.h. gregg] – $249.99

- iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi [Fred Meyer] – $249.99

iPad 2 Black Friday offers:

Apple's age old iPad is offered normally for $399.99 standard price. The tablet is getting some $100 discount this year from these three stores:

- iPad 2 16GB [Best Buy] – $299.99

- iPad 2 16GB [Target] – $399.99 + $100 gift card

- iPad 2 16GB [Meijer] – $299.99

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