iPad Air 4 With 2018 11-inch iPad Pro Chassis in Three Unique Finishes Envisioned in Latest Concept

Omar Sohail
iPad Air 4 With 2018 11-inch iPad Pro Chassis in Three Unique Finishes Envisioned in Latest Concept

The iPad Air 4 will eventually find its place amongst Apple’s upcoming low-cost iPad 8 as well as the iPad Pro, even though rumors state that you’ll have to wait until 2021 to see it in action. Fortunately, if you wanted to see a little glimpse of what the slate could look like, Michael Ma, who is also known as @apple_idesigner on Twitter has shared three exciting finishes of the iPad Air 4 and how it would look like while bearing the chassis of the previous-generation 2018 11-inch iPad Pro.

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The iPad Air 4 shown in the concept is available in the three finishes, as you can see in the images. Two of them are Silver and Space Gray, while the third flavor looks more of a Bronze finish than a Gold one, but it’s equally attractive. What’s changed about the iPad Air 4 in this concept is that it no longer shares those thick bezels and the home button as the current-generation iPad Air 3.

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Instead, it sports slimmer bezels, though unlike the 2020 iPad Pro, there isn’t a dual-camera at the back; just a single sensor as it is present in the 2018 iPad Pro. There are rumors that the iPad Air 4 will drop the Lightning port in favor of USB-C and Apple is also expected to bring Magic Keyboard support for the upcoming tablet. It almost looks like the company will be re-purposing a previous chassis and incorporate it with upgraded internals, just like how it did with the 2020 iPhone SE which is pretty much an iPhone 8 on steroids.


Speaking of upgraded internals, the iPad Air 4 is also rumored to sport an A14 Bionic, the same chipset that’s expected to be present in the iPhone 12 family. Other reported changes or implementations include stereo speakers, but it’s not mentioned if the iPad Air 4 will feature a high refresh rate display like the iPad Pro lineup. It would be a godsend if this upgrade were added, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

As for this concept, do you appreciate what Michael Ma has done with the upcoming iPad Air 4? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Michael Ma)

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