Apple Has a New Name for Its Next iOS Update; New Image Leak Also Shows iPhone Compatibility List for That Update

Omar Sohail
Apple Has a New Name for Its Next iOS Update; New Image Also Shows iPhone Compatibility List for That Update

Similar to the iPadOS name change, an earlier rumor from prolific leaker Jon Prosser detailed that Apple would introduce a rebranding to the name 'iOS'. Apparently, the company would be changing it to iPhoneOS and this idea makes a lot of sense given what the technology giant calls its other operating systems. The rumor has been given significant weight thanks to the latest image leak, which not only highlights the new name but also which iPhone model will be compatible with the update.

Aside From iPhoneOS 14 Name Leak, iPhone 6s Lineup Is Expected to Be Compatible With New Update

As you can tell from the image, iPhoneOS 14 will be the name of the new update, thus streamlining all the names of Apple's software platforms. In addition to the name change spotted in the image by Twitter user JoshThomasxx21, which was shortly removed after it made its way online, the iPhone device compatibility list has also been provided, so do let us know if your existing daily driver made the cut.

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It's not strange to hear and see that Apple would introduce a name change to iOS. After all, just before WWDC 2019 kicked off last year, there was a rumor floating around that the name iPadOS would be introduced at the previous software keynote. While we can’t say for sure if this name change is legit, given what happened last year, we’re inclined to believe that Apple might pull off this move on Monday, as that’s when the keynote will start.

Other exciting news you should be geared for at WWDC is Apple’s transition from Intel to its in-house A-series of chipsets for future Macs, as well as a redesigned 2020 iMac that’s expected to be modeled after the 2020 iPad Pro, while touting bezels equivalent to the Pro Display XDR.

As for the rumored iPhoneOS 14 name change, do you prefer the name iOS, or do believe that rebranding is the right approach going forward? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (JoshThomasxx21)

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