What Has Been Apple’s Greatest Challenge When it Comes to Innovation? An Analyst Thinks it Is Software

Omar Sohail
What Has Been Apple’s Greatest Challenge When it Comes to Innovation? An Analyst Thinks it Is Software

Relying on the seamless integration of hardware and software has allowed Apple to produce an extremely optimized operating system for its iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and perhaps even its future desktop and notebook lineup. However, the element of innovation is one area that Apple has been struggling in recent years. Do note that if this was any other analyst, we might have ignored their words, but on this very occasion, the opinion belongs to one who is most revered when it comes the release timeline of future Apple products.

KGI Securities’ Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Believes That Apple’s Hardware Innovation Is Much Superior in Comparison to Software

In a research note that was caught by MacRumors, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that hardware innovation is where Apple has excelled the most in recent years but the software part is actually inferior.

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“In several cases we have seen Apple lagging in software versus hardware development, which bodes badly for its innovation strategy of software and hardware integration.”

Kuo introduced the example of OPPO, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has caught up with Apple's ARKit platform in only six to nine months, largely based on the fact that the augmented reality version of Honour of Kings will be compatible with both iPhones and OPPO's lower-priced smartphones when it launches next month, despite having high-end hardware specification requirements.

“The key is that OPPO is in charge of developing API, integrating hardware and software, and cooperating with SenseTime's algorithm and Tencent's game software development team.”

Despite this little setback, we still cannot argue that Apple’s strategy of creating its own hardware and software has worked out wonders for it. Where Android phone makers pick out ‘off the shelf’ components, Apple is able to provide you with software support on all its products for a considerably long period.

As a reminder, the iPhone 5s can be upgraded to iOS 11, even though it is categorized as an ancient smartphone. Also, the fluidity of the OS is unmatched and this is coming from a long-time Android user who switched to the iPhone just two years ago.

News Source: MCR

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