iOS 9 Jailbreak Releasing in Fall After OS is Released for Public – Chinese Hackers

Apple revealed iOS 9 earlier this week with a few new features and lots of system-wide improvements and stability. Not even a week into the release of this year's iOS build and an iOS 9 jailbreak is already in the works. Woot!

iOS 9 jailbreak - easier than iOS 8?

But how is that even possible - right? It took a lot of time for hackers to jailbreak iOS 8 and Apple promised it would introduce even more security features including rootless security making it harder to break into an iPhone or iPad. What went wrong then?

Apparently, China's elite Keen Team (K33n) is working on an iOS 9 jailbreak and making it ready for full commercial release in autumn. Yes, we are talking about fall of this year! Keen Team was interested in releasing its first ever jailbreak with the assistance of another popular Chinese group, Team Pangu. According to Forbes, Keen isn't a fan of commercialized aspect of jailbreaking and is more interested in giving a solution right after iOS 9 is released.

It is reported that Chinese app stores - which become open once your device is jailbroken - pay hackers upwards of $1 million for untethered jailbreak. While interested to work with Pangu, Keen is not interested to work Taig, another Chinese hacking team popular for giving out jailbreaking solutions.

"They aren’t planning to work with fellow Chinese group TaiG, a mysterious entity that was responsible for the most recent untethered jailbreak in iOS 8.2. Chen told FORBES he may keep vulnerabilities for future hacking contests, or hand over to bug bounty organisations, like HP’s ZDI Initiative, which runs the Pwn2Own competitions. In some cases he might inform Apple first."

Well, Team Keen's philanthropic interests might help Apple securing the platform which would be a good news for a majority of users. Those interested in getting jailbreak solutions, Keen also seems highly persistent on gaining the credibility by delivering iOS 9 jailbreak solution soon after its release. Much ambitious but might give us some happy results.

As far as the current status goes, hacking world is expecting to see a public iOS 8.4 jailbreak solution once it's released. iOS 8.3 JB cannot be released before that as it would give Apple quite a lot of time to fix the security loopholes.

Apple is also trying to reduce the reasons that make an iPhone or iPad user to jailbreak iDevices. Improved keyboard, multitasking features, picture in picture, and other such small but essential features introduced with iOS 9 are being welcomed by users and might prove to strong jailbreak deterrents.


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